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5 Reasons You Should Include Quizzes in Your Microlearning Program

Posted by Obi Ochu on Wed, Oct 11, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 12.34.21 PM.pngAs organizations apply microlearning to their learning strategy, they are discovering that it is a great way to make learning stick and help employees master complex topics.  Microlearning enables employees to consume training content in bite-size chunks right on their mobile devices, without stepping out of the “performance moment.”

An often-overlooked hero of effective microlearning programs is the micro quiz. Micro quizzes are light, interactive practices that are spread strategically throughout your microlearning program.  They are typically limited to 5 text-based questions on a narrowly defined topic, skill or competency.  It’s important to note that micro quizzes aren’t the long, high-stakes assessments that we often encounter in formal training curricula.  They don’t lead to some sort of certification or serve a compliance purpose. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider incorporating micro quizzes into your microlearning program: they guide learners, enhance the transfer of learning, make learning stick, increase learner engagement, and boost the ROI of your program.

  1. Guide learners though individual learning paths.

Unlike the traditional training models where the learning path is sequenced throughout the course content, microlearning programs let learners create their own learning “route” through the bite-size content modules.  Microlearning replaces the “push” model of learning with one that is “pull” based. 

Your microlearning app or platform uses quizzes to obtain real-time data on the learner’s retention and mastery levels.  Think of this as the GPS coordinates during your learner’s journey. With this real-time data, your microlearning app can offer turn-by-turn recommendations that guide the learner along the shortest path to long-term mastery.

  1. Enhance the transfer of learning

Don’t view quizzes as a mere barometer.  Done right, quizzes impart learning and help in the transfer of knowledge.  Most microlearning platforms support the option of offering an explanation after the learner attempts answering a quiz question.  Some microlearning platforms can be configured to offer a separate explanation for each answer choice.  Learners can view the explanations for the correct answer choices, wrong answer choices or both. If written well, these explanations can impart as much learning as the microlearning modules themselves.

  1. Make learning stick

Much like spaced retrieval practices used in training reinforcement, quizzes introduce an engineered level of difficulty that requires learners to retrieve what they have learned from memory, prompting them to remember, understand, and then eventually (and most importantly) apply their newly acquired knowledge. Research in the cognitive sciences has shown that effort in recalling knowledge is key to durable learning and the ability to transform information into real-life actions (find out more on the science behind durable learning).

  1. Increase learner engagement

Quizzes are inherently interactive.  Adding simple text-based quizzes to your microlearning program replaces an otherwise passive learning mode with one where the learner is actively engaged in his/her own learning process. 

Quizzes can also add a gamified dimension to your microlearning initiative, which enhances the engagement level further.  In gamified microlearning programs, learners use quizzes to earn awards, post their score on leaderboards and help their team compete in learning challenges (more on creating effective content).

  1. Boost your training ROI

Last, but not least, quizzes often require a lot less time and resources to produce.  Creating quizzes should be a natural extension of authoring microlearning modules, rather than a discrete exercise.  Viewed this way, the marginal cost of developing quizzes is nearly zero.  While quizzes add minimal cost to the ROI equation, they have a sizable impact on the results. 


Considering these 5 benefits, every microlearning strategy deserves to include micro quizzes.

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