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A Day Dedicated to Digitalization

Posted by Sebastian Frankenberger on Fri, May 13, 2016

We are excited to announce that SwissVBS is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary throughout 2016!  To kick-off the anniversary events, we are hosting a Digitalization and Corporate Training event in picturesque St. Gallen, Switzerland on May 30.

In its early days, SwissVBS was a small idea cultivated by leading professors at the University of St. Gallen, one of the leading business schools in Europe.  The professors wanted to better prepare their executive education students before they arrived in the classroom so they could create more powerful presence training experiences. It is only fitting that we begin our celebrations where it all began.wbz-holzweid-gebaeude-mit-blumenwiese-kuppel-im-hintergrund-2000x1125.jpg

Since 2001, SwissVBS has been developing blended learning solutions that integrate at-the-time innovative concepts such as eTutoring, online discussion forums, webinars, or peer group learning. Soon after, we started to create web-centered learning solutions for corporate clients – our core business of today.  For the past fifteen years, SwissVBS has helped over a million learners achieve their learning and development goals in a corporate environment. 

In recent years, digitalization and the introduction of new devices such as smartphones and tablets has given businesses new opportunities to onboard their workforce, keep them engaged and informed, and work more efficiently. Learning has become more targeted and aligned with performing. While our first online course had a total learning time of 20 hours, today we would consider 20 minutes a pretty long course. Mobile apps have given us the opportunity to introduce game mechanics, collaboration, reinforcement, and actual performance support much more easily than ever before.

Our first event in St. Gallen on May 30, 2016 will touch on the evolution of (digital) learning and look into the future to discuss the design of new solutions for younger generations of learners. We will explore trends and innovations in mobile learning and address the ever important aspect of measuring the impact of learning on business results.


Our keynote speaker will be Philipp Riederle, quite possibly the most prominent spokesperson for Generation Y in Germany, followed by a thought-provoking podium discussion on the future of learning. After a round table discussion on reinforcement experiences, mobile game apps, and performance support, our friends from the Swiss Center for Innovations in Learning will share their insights in new ways of measuring impact and business results.


To wrap up the day, we will be heading out for a tour of St. Gallen, visiting some of the great UNESCO World Heritage sites that this city has to offer.  Our final stop will be a dinner event at a fantastic first floor restaurant (“Erststockbeiz”), Zum Goldenen Schäfli, famous not only for their food but their traditional Swiss flair.

Would you like to take part in a day dedicated to digitalization?

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