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Posted by Shahin Sobhani on Thu, Apr 7, 2016

Sorry, we’re a little late. it’s very un-Swiss of us : )

We’ve thought about blogging for a while, but never did.  However after 15 years worth of customers, projects, stories and innovation; after over a million users and countless learning initiatives, I think we finally have something to say about learning and development.

So here we are. Welcome to our blog: The Zen Room

Why “The Zen Room?” It is what we affectionately call the space in our office where it all begins.

It’s at the center of our conversations - from trends to brain science to UX to analytics - but more importantly it’s where our solutions are born. It’s where we script, storyboard, prototype and deliver. It’s where we sit down with our customers. It’s where we dream and it’s where we actualize. It’s quite simply where the magic happens.


The Zen Room has quite organically become the heart of everything we do - a place for inspiration, knowledge and good conversation. So why wouldn’t we want to share it with like-minded people?

Think of this blog as a backchannel to our organization: who we are, what we are up to and where we are headed.

Through The Zen Room, you’ll get our take on mainstream industry topics and best practices, learn about new and innovative solutions that our creative talent is cooking up, receive ideas to help drive change within your own learning communities, and also stay up to date with everything going on at SwissVBS.

We want to use this as a platform to share and contribute to the evolving dialogue on all things learning. We have a voice and strong opinions, but we want to also hear from you, our readers!  Therefore, we will actively create opportunities to bring you into the conversation, engage with you and collectively build our understanding of the learning ecosystem and how to constantly improve it.

At the end of the day, we don’t want this to be a space for our random musings, but rather a source of insight, commentary and expertise that you and your organization can consistently draw from and contribute to. This isn’t about listicles or pre-baked infographics; it’s about having real and honest (sometimes too honest) conversations about what’s important.  

Next week, I’ve got a special message – something we’ve been working on (for 15 years to be exact!) that I cannot wait to share with you.

Stay tuned for more,



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