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The Fourth Industrial Revolution! Highlights from the Brandon Hall HCM Conference

Posted by Brett Smith on Mon, Jan 28, 2019

Back in cold Toronto (minus 15 and a ton of snow!) - but happy I had the chance to attend the Brandon Hall HCM Conference in Florida this year. A few highlights that made it particularly interesting:

1) The #metoo movement has resulted in a great surge in corporate awareness and dedicated campaigns aimed at levelling the playing field and creating more opportunities for women in the workplace. Great to see this happening.

2) The Keynote by Jenny Deerborn (http://jennydearborn.com) was phenomenal. Machine learning, AI, the Internet of Things, Automation - these are all upon us - we don't have to be scared of the changing landscape, we just have to understand it and be prepared. How do we ensure our employees are in the best position to succeed what is being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Check out her new book "The Data-Driven Leader" which focuses on how we can leverage big data to better equip ourselves for the changes to come. Exceptional speaker!

3) Talk by an exceptional person and a truly motivational speaker, Bonnie St John (http://bonniestjohn.com). This is the second time I have met her, the fastest para-olympian and multi-metal winner back in the 80's, and there is something truly infectious about her. The author of several books, her latest termed "Micro-resilience" focuses on how to bring your "A Game" to everything life throws at you. Looking forward to our next meetup Bonnie!

4) Finally, receiving the Gold Award for Excellence in Content Creation with our partners at Allianz Insurance was a great honour. Thanks to a great partnership with the team at Allianz, and for the fantastic work that the SwissVBS team did in creating a truly dynamic, engaging and story-driven course on Digitization in the workplace.

Thanks again to #Brandonhall for the recognition. Hope to come back next year.

 Receiving the award with Allianz (Diana Seibold).


Hanging with Bonnie St John


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