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Comenius Award for Online Coaching

Posted by Brett Smith on Thu, Jun 30, 2016

SwissVBS is happy to announce that we have been awarded the 2016 Comenius EduMedia Seal for  multimedia, educational technology and media didactics. 

After 15 years of enabling more than 1.5 million learners to transform behaviour, increase skills and impact performance, we thought it would be a good time to actually start winning awards for all of this work! 


So we decided to apply for the honorary Comenius EduMedia Award by the Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media, a non-profit organisation in Germany. This society for multimedia, educational technology and media didactics awards the EduMedia Seal and Medal annually, to support outstanding products among Multimedia Products in terms of educational methodology, content and design. Since opening the application to all countries in 1997, this Award has become one of the most important awards for multimedia projects in Europe and we are happy and grateful to now be a part of this prestigious list of winners.  

On June, 23rd we were invited to attend the event at the Press and Information Office of the German government in Berlin and, besides some great sightseeing, brought home the Comenius EduMedia Seal for our educational initiative entitled Sonova Coaching


Left to Right: Nicola Voss, Key Account Manager / Adam Gallotta, Marketing and Media Manager


Faced with the challenge of moving their entire leadership group to a new coaching culture, Sonova partnered with SWISSVBS to create a compelling online learning initiative to help enable this key change management initiative. Coaching is a highly personal skill and an important task of managers. Those that are put into coaching roles play a critical part in the  realization of success within an organization. Because these managers and executives have already seen success in their careers and in guiding others,  it is challenging to gain their buy-in to a new and improved way of coaching others.  How do you not only teach behavioral change but also gain buy-in to the change itself? These were the challenges Sonova faced with their new coaching culture – moving from a transactional, prescriptive style of coaching to a transformational model.


SwissVBS, in collaboration with Sonova, designed a fast-paced, highly-engaging learning campaign that would first help break down barriers through an honest look at current coaching practices, build a new vision for coaching through effective modelling, and provide the necessary tools for success in learning a new behavior through a highly-applied and dynamic simulated environment.  The training made use of an immersive narrative populated with meaningful characters that were brought to life through rich media.  Through customized animation, relevant simulations and a highly interactive environment, users were able to actively participate in their own transformation. 


Congratulations to both the Sonova and SwissVBS teams for such a fantastic partnership in creating this ground-breaking learning experience.  

Click below to learn more about the awarded online coaching course.

Download the Case Study


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