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FocusOn 2016 Conference Recap

Posted by Brett Smith on Tue, Jun 14, 2016

Just back from hot and humid Austin - home to legendary music clubs, the second largest state capital building in the country and beef brisket BBQ's everywhere.  A great host city where great minds converged for 3 days at the eLearning Guild's FocusOn 2016 conference from June 8-10.

While itIMG_2400.jpg didn't have the scores of participants that ATD attracted, it focused on some very specific and important themes for anyone in the L&D industry to pay attention to, namely performance support, video and mobile and their role in digital learning.

SwissVBS was happy to be a part of these discussions and to help contribute to the evolving mind share. Our focus on (pun intended) mobile and performance support over the past year has resonated with our current and potential clients as organizations seek to stay ahead of their competition and empower their learners both in the classroom and on the job.  The advances in technology coupled with forward-thinking businesses enable mobile learning and mobile performance support to fully realize all of the investment dollars usually spent up front on traditional online learning modules.  

With our information overload reality due to incessant inputs from our numerous communication channels (Twitter, email, Facebook, Instagram, text messaging etc.) our brains are desperately trying to decipher what is important and what needs to be thrown out.  Mobile support apps like Echo and SET help learners on the road or on their jobs navigate their way through all of the clutter and access learning that is both timely and relevant.

IMG_2416.jpgWhile people generally seem to agree on the value of mobile learning and performance support, businesses still struggle with the implementation of mobile.  There are many obstacles that need to be overcome before a mobile strategy can be endorsed and wholeheartedly embraced within an organization.  Nothing will succeed unless and until the Business, HR, L&D and IT are all aligned on the long term vision of mobile and the unique benefits it will bring to these individual functions.  In most cases, this will require a robust business case with a realistic implementation roadmap - not an easy task, but definitely doable and well worth the effort to ensure success.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on How to Build a Solid Business Case for Mobile for some best practices that we have discovered in this area.

All in all FocusOn was a good opportunity to learn from others and share some of our knowledge and product solutions on these critical topics. Looking forward to following up with some great leads and continuing the discussion.


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