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From Sales Training to Sales Productivity

Posted by Sebastian Frankenberger on Fri, Sep 23, 2016

Talking to sales managers you immediately recognize that they have a very ambivalent attitude towards training, especially digital training. There are prejudices that training is boring, keeps sales staff away from selling, is difficult to implement, or just plain ineffective.

Yet, digitalization and mobile has provided us with great ways to effectively create and maintain sales force productivity at every step of the learning journey. The answer is to design a learning architecture along three key steps: Onboarding, Reinforcement, and Performance Support. So let’s explore this potential and how to tap into greater sales productivity.

1. Rapid Onboarding and Transformation

The potential: Faster and more effective training of staff through permanent availability and flexibility of a digital training solution. This leads to cost savings (location, trainers, travel and expenses), but even more importantly to targeted learning opportunities and time savings on the part of sales staff. Ultimately this frees up more productive time and enables a great number of and higher quality sales.


How: Design a training that meets the needs of the audience and reflects their day to day work context, ensure an intuitive user interface and quick access, make it relevant and short based on targeted micro learning units. Make it engaging through storytelling, scenarios, smart interactivities and engaging media.

2. Reinforcement

The potential: The problem about learning is forgetting. So, to help people avoid forgetting 90% of what they have learned after only one week, create reinforcement experiences that again makes your team apply the learning material faster, more effectively, and in turn, they become stronger members of your team.


How: Instruct your sales staff to spend 60 seconds a day on mobile-based reinforcement quizzes that utilize game mechanics and social interactions, offer targeted learning resources, and use the power of adaptive learning systems.

3. Performance Support 

The potential: With the performance moment in mind, it is essential for sales staff to have all the required sales information in a shareable format with the client. Performance support tools will allow your sales team to focus on selling rather than preparing outdated "analog" material. And it will ultimately shorten your sales cycles and reduce sales costs.


How: Offer your sales team a mobile performance solution they may use for their own training, and for sharing with clients. Consistent branded material, competitor information, and tracking of shared sales material for follow-up will make your team more confident and ultimately end up with a successful sales visit.

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