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How Does Mobile Reinforcement Support Continuous Learning?

Posted by Sebastian Frankenberger on Fri, Mar 10, 2017

Organizations have always relied on online training courses to support change processes. While the focus - and budget - has usually been on the optimization of the learning moment, it is becoming evident that a holistic approach to the learning experience is needed to ensure learning that lasts and performance that improves.

Here is how we, at SwissVBS, see the challenge. We forget all but 10% of what we have learned within a week. If we want our training programs to work, we must design a reinforcement-based learning architecture that supports continuous learning, closes competency gaps, and creates measurable benefits. Where do you even begin to win back that 90%? 


To find out, come join me on April 5, 2017, at the annual Swiss eLearning Conference. I will demonstrate tried and tested reinforcement solutions, such as our mobile reinforcement platform ECHO, and take a deep dive into its dynamic design and architecture.

You will experience live, adaptive learning environments from multinational corporations, targeted micro-learning units (video, WBT, podcast, flash cards) and get a glimpse into Microsoft’s Power BI, as I display powerful analytics and visualizations of learner competencies.

Bring your challenges so we can look at your specific learning architecture and explore solutions.

I look forward to a great discussion on mobile reinforcement and continuous learning!

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