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How Organizations Turn to Mobile to Revolutionize their Learning Landscape

Posted by Josh Cardoz on Tue, Aug 27, 2019

Written by Josh Cardoz, Principal Learning Strategist at SwissVBS. The original essay appears in Training Industry and can be accessed here.

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The conversation around mobile learning has changed in recent years. Where mobile was once viewed as merely a technical consideration (i.e., making sure training “works” on mobile devices), organizations are slowly realizing the potential of mobile learning through the unique impact it can deliver. The cadence of mobile learning is perfectly aligned with the needs and expectations of today’s learners. Whether through microlearning, spaced learning, learning journeys, continuous learning cultures or personalized learning, mobile is becoming a catalyst in helping organizations transform their learning landscape to deliver more value.

However, as mobile learning has become increasingly important, many organizations still don’t know how to go mobile. Too often, they aren’t sure where to start or can’t find the right use case, because doing so requires a radically different way of thinking about learning and development. Best-in-class organizations treat mobile as a new way to think about learning rather than as simply another mode of delivery. Here are a few real-life use cases that show how some organizations are using mobile to rethink their learning strategy.

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