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Learning and Training to Eliminate Workplace Sexual Harassment

Posted by Bay Ryley on Mon, Nov 13, 2017

SwissVBS is happy to invite Bay Ryley from Ryley Learning to guest blog this week on a subject that is gaining attention and becoming increasingly more important, workplace harassment.

“Eliminating Sexual Harassment: It’s Everyone’s Business” is an engaging digital learning program that instructs employees on how to identify, prevent, and report sexual harassment.


I agree with Canada’s Employment Minister that workplace sexual harassment is an “economic prosperity issue” as much as it is a social justice matter.[1] Employers who do not take sexual harassment seriously are failing to keep their key asset (employees) safe, and are risking their corporation’s reputation and value.

Sexual harassment is a “brand killer” (as we see in headline after headline). It also causes high employee turnover, absences, and higher rates of mental health and other illnesses. In contrast, taking care of employees and by helping to keep them safe fosters a healthy work environment.

Here are three reasons why Ryley’s Learning’s course is part of the strategy to eliminate workplace sexual harassment:

1. Human Resources Best Practice

Workplace learning and training on sexual harassment is a human resources best practice because:

  • it can reduce the risk of sexual harassment occurring in your workplace. With more than 28% of Canadians reporting they have been sexually harassed at work, it is far too prevalent;[2]
  • in many jurisdictions, there are heavy fines for companies that do not comply with workplace safety legislation that mandates training on sexual harassment;
  • employees feel more valued and protected;
  • training can limit corporate liability in cases of civil litigation by an employee who has been sexually harassed.


2. From Pithy Legislation to Accessible, Animated Storytelling

Who wants to listen to quotes from sections of legislation and a boring lecture from a lawyer like me? No one!

I collaborated with SwissVBS’s phenomenal team, who translated complex legal principles into plain language through storytelling and interactive exercises.

The scripts and animation are incredibly creative – ensuring that people will want to watch, engage, learn, and retain.


3. Designed by a Lawyer with Expertise

I am a Toronto-based employment and human rights lawyer who has litigated and mediated many cases of workplace sexual harassment. I regularly draft employers’ human resources policies and conduct in-person training on sexual training.

Prior to founding my own law practice, I was counsel to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the Human Rights Legal Support Centre, and the Constitutional Law Branch.  I sit on the Executive of the Ontario Bar Association’s Labour & Employment Section.

All that to say: “I get it.” My legal experience in the area of human rights and sexual harassment guarantees Ryley Learning’s course is anchored by legal expertise.

The tide of change has arrived: women and men will no longer tolerate “off-side” conduct in their workplaces. Be part of the solution through workplace learning.

-Bay Ryley

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[1] http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/legislation-sexual-harassment-out-1.4386199

[2] An Angus Reid poll conducted in 2015 found that 28% of Canadians have been sexually harassed in the workplace (the majority of whom are women): http://angusreid.org/sexual-harassment/

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