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Webinar: Making Onboarding More Human

Posted by Josh Cardoz on Wed, Jun 14, 2017

Think back to your first day on the job. What was your most memorable moment? Was it learning about the mission statement of your organization? Or various semi-interesting factoids? Or was it the first friendly face you met? Or the first time you felt safe and empowered on the job?

In my experience, organizations dedicate countless hours and resources to onboarding, but so often miss the mark. Are we really getting the ROI we need, for both the business and the new employee? This is a considerable challenge for most of us as we transition to a learning culture that meets the needs of the Modern Learner. Onboarding needs to be a highly personal, user-driven journey, not a one-off organizational event. So how is this done?


On July 13, Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst Talent Acquisition from the Brandon Hall Group; Brett Smith, Director of Learning Solutions at SwissVBS; and I, Principal Learning Strategist at SwissVBS, will discuss what it takes to make your Onboarding more "Human" and dive into the following challenges and opportunities for your Corporate Onboarding programs: 

  • The often overlooked holistic process of onboarding
  • Onboarding from the viewpoint of Learner Experience Design
  • The notion of the learner journey and the role onboarding plays within it
  • Tips and techniques to make your onboarding more authentic, relatable and empowering
  • Real-life case studies of organizations making key shifts in their attitude/approach to onboarding
  • Examples of award-winning onboarding courses and why they were successful

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P.S. Every webinar participant will receive a new SwissVBS case study on Continental's successful onboarding program titled "Creating a Transformative Onboarding Experience," available for the first time during this Brandon Hall Webinar. 

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