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Management Education: Effective Training for Your Managers

Posted by Sebastian Frankenberger on Fri, Dec 2, 2016

Newly appointed and even seasoned managers with a technical, natural science or arts background frequently lack solid business fundamentals to succeed in their roles as managers. Even managers with a business degree may lack the required skills when working outside of their core function (i.e. financial management).


An example of the SwissVBS Financial Management Course.

So how do you train your managers in those critical areas? Do you send them to a classroom training once a year and hope they will not forget critical information? How do you make sure your managers openly address their skill gaps? And how do you fit the required training into their busy schedules?

Since 2001, SwissVBS has been addressing these questions. Back then, a group of leading professors at the University of St. Gallen, including Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens and Prof. Dr. Christoph Lechner, started to use eLearning for Executives to prepare them for classroom training. Because of this, managers could hone their business skills in a risk-free environment, anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace. Once they arrived in a classroom environment, they were much better prepared to engage in deeper discussions and apply their knowledge in a day-to-day context.


An example of the SwissVBS Business Model Innovation Course.

So while some HR and Learning Professionals may shy away from offering digital training solutions to their managers, the case for digital is strong, especially when it comes to business and leadership training.

To ensure training success, you should consider the following seven points:

Integrate Digital Into Your Personal Development Plans: Show how online training fits into the individual career development and overall training concepts (blended learning) for your managers.

Create Engaging and Relevant Content: Make sure the training you offer is engaging and far from anything that resembles click-through PowerPoints and the boring compliance training they may have in mind when they hear "eLearning". Also make sure the content is relevant to them and presented in a realistic context (i.e. real scenarios rather than Pizza Inc. or similar).

Enable Mobile Access: Don’t underestimate how much managers like to use their tablets and smartphones, so be sure to leverage those devices for learning. And build your courses accordingly, divided in short micro-learning modules with interactive visuals.

Provide a Reliable Infrastructure: The user experience starts with reliable and intuitive access to the content. So make sure enrollment is easy, navigation is simple, and tracking (including reporting) meets your company requirements.

Offer Learner Support: Consider supporting your mangers with an eTutor or eMentor available for questions (and for motivating them to complete the courses). Try offering peer-to-peer learning opportunities, through online discussion forums as well.

Set Incentives: This can be any sort of internal reward or a truly credible training certificate that shows them that the company values their personal development.

Ensure Sustainability: What happens after the training is just as important as what happens during the training, for both your employees and your company. Be sure to create learning reinforcement experiences after the actual trainingm is completed to drive retention and close the learner/performance gap.

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