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Ringing in the New Year (with More Awards!)

Posted by Shahin Sobhani on Thu, Jan 5, 2017

Winning Two Prestigous Awards - What a Great Way to Kick off 2017!

2016 was an amazing chapter in our journey, capped off with a multi-award-winning year. 

However, to start off 2017 with two more awards is both humbling and extremely exciting.  SwissVBS is proud to announce that based on its only two entries to the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards, it has won both awards: 

Best Advance in Performance Support Technology
ECHO Mobile Learning Reinforcement Platform

Best Advance in Sales Enablement and Performance Tools
SwissVBS SET – Sales Enablement Tool


Entries were evaluated by an international panel of independent industry experts, Brandon Hall Group senior analysts, and its executive leadership team. Judging criteria were based on solution design, functionality, usability, innovation and overall measureable benefits. 


ECHO - our learning reinforcement app - was recognized for its ability to offer a solution that combined mobile, cloud and artificial intelligence technologies to make learning memorable and enduring. By combining well-timed reinforcement practices, dynamic quizzes and mobile capabilities, ECHO increases long term memory retention of what has been learned in initial training programs.  In this way, ECHO can substantially boost the outcomes of most corporate training programs. A learning reinforcement strategy is critical for any organization that aims to realize its training ROI, and to better enable its employees to succeed during the performance moment. Through effective retrieval practices, the app's dynamic learning engine, mobile-first architecture, and a highly configurable and integrated business intelligence platform, we're finding that ECHO is a key differentiator in helping to bridge the learning-performance gap. 

SET - our sales enablement app - was recognized for its ability to assist B2B sales teams challenged with selling complex products, a solution that not only meets the needs of sales people, but integrates the cross-functional needs and combined interest of Marketing, Sales, Management and L&D.  Sales reps use SET to access the latest product information, present the product information to their clients, email the information on products that clients express interest in and track client interaction with the shared information following the sales call. It also provides sales reps with just-in-time micro-learning refresher courses on key product information.  Organizations can't get enough of SET and its ability not only to enrich the customer sales experience, but also to align and empower sales people with the appropriate marketing and learning collateral. 

These awards will serve our customers well, as they will drive us to further explore the possibilities we can achieve together on Sales Enablement and Reinforcement.  We look forward to working with you to support your sales teams to achieve their goals through SET and to ensure your learners retain what they have learned through ECHO.

I want to thank my entire team for the efforts they have made to help get us here.  It is through this united and focused effort, grounded in collaboration and consultation, that we have achieved this. With sustained effort, research and the voice of our customers, we now have two award-winning products to complement our award-winning content solutions.

What a year!    

Wishing you all the best in 2017!


- Shahin

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