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SwissVBS Stands Out as a Content Development Company to Watch in 2017

Posted by Frank Ecker on Wed, Jun 7, 2017
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Training Industry has announced its Content Development Companies Watch List, as part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies.  We couldn't be more proud to have made the list for 2017!


SwissVBS was selected for the 2017 Content Development Companies Watch List based on the following criteria:

  • Industry visibility, innovation and impact
  • Capability to develop and deliver multiple types of content
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Depth and breadth of subject matter expertise
  • Quality of clients
  • Geographic reach

Quote from Training Industry:

“This year’s Watch List includes an exciting group of companies pushing the development of new programs to deliver impactful improvements in employee performance. Each of these organizations has impressive capabilities that can improve employee learning in corporations around the world.”

- Training Industry

Why we made the list:

The SwissVBS content solutions portfolio ranges from the typical to the obscure, from new hire training to tire physics; we’ve done it all! Our range of subject expertise is also reflected in our verticals, from sales to pharmaceutical to automotive.

Some of our key areas of focus:

  • Sales & Product
  • Onboarding & Induction
  • Customer Experience
  • Leadership & Management
  • Compliance & Policy
  • Process & Technical
  • B2C

For SwissVBS, being on this Training Industry list is a really big deal, and we feel the future of Content Development is indeed bright. We look forward to working with you as we drive innovation in corporate Learning and Development in 2017 and beyond.

 - Adam

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