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How Rich is Your Media?

Posted by Brett Smith on Thu, Jul 28, 2016

I was recently reflecting on the power of story-telling and how, like a song with a good hook, it has the power to really engage a learner and take up residence in one's long term memory. Stories provide relevance, build empathy, make concepts relatable and stimulate emotion.  The more heightened our senses are in a learning experience, the more likely we are to be intrigued and remember.

A good story is even better when accompanied by stimulating media, audio and visual cues that support the learning and trigger the imagination. In L&D, a good story requires an experienced and passionate writer with a deep understanding of learning design, brain science, pedagogical theory and a ton of creativity. To then translate that story into a compelling visual experience requires another set of talent all together.

If content is king, then the role that media (visual assets, animations) plays is critical.

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Topics: Storytelling, Rich Media