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Where's the Future of Digital Learning Headed?

Posted by Josh Cardoz on Thu, Aug 11, 2016

We live in an age of lists. Social media, news cycles, blogs - everything is presented to us now in the "Top 10 ways to do X." By design, it's a great way to catch your attention and a highly consumable way to access information. So whenever I look at the "Top eLearning trends for 20XX" I often think: Is this real? or just click bait?   

When reading those type of articles, I always think: What's the point?

If I'm leading an L&D unit within my organization, I'm not interested in this year's trend. Trends work for the tiny tweaks you make to your overall learning culture, but when you have to build a 5-year L&D strategy for your org and have to think about long term infrastructure investments (hardware, software, resources), being trendy doesn't make the cut, but being right - in terms of knowing where the ideas around L&D are moving - does. 

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PokéMon Go and Learning – Should We Believe the Hype?

Posted by Silke Simons on Thu, Aug 4, 2016

Unless you took the last couple of weeks off and spent your vacation on a lonely island far away from civilization you must have heard about Pokémon Go – the game that spread around the globe like a virus.

In case you’re not infected (yet): Pokémon Go is a mobile game using augmented reality, i.e. instead of creating an entire virtual world, virtual elements are added to the real world by mixing software with the phone’s camera and GPS data. In this case, the ‘virtual elements’ are cute little monsters – Pokémon, and the point of the game is to capture as many of these creatures as possible. They’ll show up on the mobile phone’s screen once the player comes near a critical spot (e.g. a public park or a monument), so the idea is - to borrow the game developer’s own words - to let people explore their surroundings while on the hunt for Pokémon. 

But what does this have to do with Learning & Development? The catchwords here are “mobile”, “augmented reality” and “gamification”, or rather a combination of all three of them. 

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Topics: Learning Journey, Trends