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Coming Soon! Two Big Events on Learning Reinforcement

Posted by Brett Smith on Mon, Nov 7, 2016

The challenge with the majority of learning that goes on in organizations is that it is quickly forgotten. Modern cognitive psychology tells us that in an increasingly complex digital world, with so much competing for our attention, the majority of what we learn in organizational training is forgotten within days. With the amount of time, money, and energy spent on developing these learning experiences, it is critical that organizations find ways to maximize their investment by ensuring learners retain the information they are given.

Because of this challenge within organizations, we approached the team at the Brandon Hall Group and presented the idea of offering an informative webinar titled Send in the Reinforcements! How to Overcome the Forgetting Curve.


We are now excitidley counting down the days to our co-hosted webinar on November 10, at 1 PM CST. Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Shahin Sobhani, President at SwissVBS as they examine how current learning approaches may be falling short, and look at strategies to boost retention, engagement and on the job performance.

If you want to meet the experts and discuss this topic in person,  Shahin Sobhani will be giving a session titled Overcoming the Forgetting Curve with Mobile Reinforcement at DevLearn, in Las Vegas on November 16.

In his session, he will explore ways in which mobile technology can reinforce training, examine methods for maximizing knowledge retention and create a direct link for improving on-the-job performance. The session will also feature a very current case study from General Electric that explicitly addresses the issues around knowledge retention.

So, if your organization is faced with the challenge of how to increase learner retention and close the learner/performance gap then please join us for one or both of these events.


Register for the Webinar Join us at DevLearn 2016 

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