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Value at Every Step of the Learning Journey

Posted by Shahin Sobhani on Thu, Apr 14, 2016


Why do we never forget how to ride a bicycle? I haven’t been on one in 10 years, but I’m confident I’d still remember. Why? Why do we never forget? When I reflect on this powerful experience that most of us have gone through, I always think back to that key moment: the day the training wheels came off. Arguably one of the greatest moments in our childhoods, that was the culminating point in a long journey. In fact, that moment is so vivid in our memories, that we often focus more on that moment and not the long and tireless journey that it took us to get there.


Of course, there was no manual, eLearning course or webinarfor learning how to do this. It was practical, modular, memorable and every day was a step forward along that journey to perform – to ride a bike. How quickly we have forgotten about the journey.

We spend so much time focused on training, webinars, classrooms, eLearning – what we call ‘learning moments’ – often to little avail.



It makes you wonder: why do we invest so much in the learning moment (an often singular, isolated, one-off experience) when what we are trying to improve is the performance moment (something that is ongoing and embedded)? Yes, we need the learning moments, but they cannot stand alone!


But maybe the problem is not which moment we are focusing on, but rather that we think in terms of moments itself. We are so consumed with the notion of learning moments – a 3-hour course, a 2-day workshop, a 30-page manual – that we sometimes forget to take a step back and consider the bigger picture. Why are we confining ourselves to transferring value in these isolated experiences, when what we really want to do is always provide value to the learner on an ongoing basis. This is the power of a learning journey; a journey designed to empower success in a performance environment.

Every moment along the journey is critical and we need to be providing value at each of these moments, not just whenever it is convenient for us as organizations. Why is ongoing value so important? Because ongoing learning support is ongoing performance support, and that’s the end goal!

When you think of learning through the lens of a journey – everything changes.

Why the journey?

For us at SwissVBS, the learning journey is more a realization than a discovery. It was a deep journey (pardon the pun) of self-reflection that made us arrive on the idea of what we do, which is create value for our partners. We don’t create trainings or provide tools. We provide value! So why aren’t we creating value at every moment that we can for the organizations and learners we serve?

For the first time ever in SwissVBS’s history, I can proudly say we are in a position to do this. Through our comprehensive digital solutions portfolio – whether it be industry-leading content solutions, mobile-empowered reinforcement experiences (rXPs), or our state-of-the-art analytics derived from our SwissVBS Learning Cloud – we are now at a point in our rich history where we can truly create impact at every stage of the learning journey.

“Value at every step of the Learning Journey”

This is the new SwissVBS. It’s in our DNA. It’s what we were meant to be.

We now have a comprehensive offering for our partners and it’s not about courses or characters. It’s simply the ability to create true value – whatever that may be – at every step along the way. We have the thought-leadership, the technology and the talent to make this happen. This is a game changer!

It’s time to create meaningful and valuable learning experiences, one journey at a time. I couldn’t be prouder of who we are today and excited for what’s to come.

- Shahin

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