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What is Training Reinforcement?

Posted by Obi Ochu on Tue, Oct 17, 2017

Dynamic Ccontent Creation.jpgTraining Reinforcement is a science-based strategy that uses carefully spaced retrieval practices to improve learning retention. These practices, which often take the form of short quizzes, help learners move newly acquired knowledge to long-term memory. Given that long-term retention is an essential first step towards mastery, training reinforcement is one of the most effective ways to close the training-performance gap. Here are 4 important facts about training reinforcement.

Training Reinforcement Complements Your Existing Training Program

A typical training reinforcement program starts immediately after employees complete a course and lasts 4 to 6 weeks. It comprises daily 5-minute retrieval practices that are designed to be engaging while still effortful.

Training reinforcement takes place outside the classroom and the boundaries of a web-based course. Employees complete the retrieval practices in 5-minute increments on their mobile devices while at work. Since employees are simultaneously reinforcing and applying what they have learned, training reinforcement is more effective in the transfer of learning than other performance support strategies.

Reinforcement Beats Relearning

Training reinforcement (sometimes referred to as post-training reinforcement) is often confused with relearning (or retraining). Most learners forget most of what they have learned within two weeks of acquiring that knowledge due to our tendency to forget (this Forgetting Curve is well studied). Training reinforcement, by focusing on knowledge that’s already acquired, results in a better return on learning investment than retraining.

Reinforcement Can Benefit All Industry Verticals

Training reinforcement has many uses, including most industry verticals. Training reinforcement has a proven track record in sales, customer service, compliance, technical and safety training in industries as varied as retail, banking, hospitality, manufacturing, information technology and transportation.

Mobile Platforms Are Most Effective

While simple to conceive and design, training reinforcement programs cannot be run efficiently without a suitable software platform. Modern training reinforcement platforms are mobile-first and powered by cloud and AI technologies.

Best-in-class organizations combine training reinforcement with microlearning and gamification strategies to create highly engaging, relevant and effective learning “experiences.” Mobile platforms that combine reinforcement, microlearning, and gamification are arguably the future of corporate training.

For more info, see www.swissvbs.com/echo or watch this 7-min whiteboard video.

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